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Posted by: CALLIOPE NEVARENE Jan 3 2015, 03:32 PM
It was all such a mess and even now she didn't know what had really happened.

She knew how it had all begun. She had wanted to go visit a friend and she didn't feel the need to be coddled and protected as her father was so wont to do. Maybe if she'd done as he said, she would be safe in her home. She would be clean and have her pretty dresses and all of her books around her. But no, instead things had gone much more differently.

Calliope had been captured by some wild man and then remained a sort of willing captive as he toted her along. When he regrouped with his people, she found that he was part of evil in Midnight Kingdom. He was on the side of those who had set about casting everyone into darkness and turmoil, cursing them all. It frightened her a little, but it was not just because of what they had done, but what they seemed both capable and willing to do. Calliope had never before believed that anyone would ever truly want to harm her or would not take her at her word. She never thought that there were so many dark hearts in the world like those she'd seen in the army gathered to attack at Mormont.

She'd been set in the back with the other captives. They were meant to be used for bartering or as threats or for some other use. Their blood might very well be drained just to serve as the necessary ingredient for a spell for all she knew. What Calliope did know was that she was haltered and caged and she whinnied and screamed in fright and protest of the battle. She and those with her, each suffering from their own curses and having some kind of value to the twins who led this force of brigands and mercenaries.

She also knew that at some point something happened. That suddenly she had found herself free of the cage and the halter no longer binding about her head or tying her down. Calliope remembered standing there, her pearlescent white coat marred by smoke and dirt and dust and grime. She remembered how everyone else she'd been prisoner with scattered and ran. She didn't know where to run, though. She was free, but where was she supposed to go? She couldn't flee towards Mormont with the bloody battle happening in the direction. She didn't know what was behind her or to her sides yet everyone ran those ways. Calliope simply hadn't know where to go.

Everything just happened so quickly. One moment she was caged and then the next she was free and then suddenly she bound herself bolting across the ground. She didn't know where she was running, but instinct told her to stretch long her legs and make her strides put distance between herself and danger.

Now she was a bedraggled unicorn by day and a waif by night. She didn't know where she was and she didn't know what happened with that war either. She hid herself from each and every person who rarely came knew where she was. She avoided other animals not knowing if they might be agents or simply just what they were. Calliope had become suspicious and she was scared and the world was a place she no longer knew and had little faith in. Yet still she wished she knew what had happened and longed to be clean and beautiful and recognized not just for who she was, but what as well. Her travels were a circular pattern around a water source and a food source and a safe place she could hide herself at night when she was human again.

Who won? She asked herself as she looked into her sad reflection in the water. Angelic Cavalry? That was her hope, but they were so few. She shivered to think otherwise. Coven? And then she looked up at her surroundings, Will I ever get home or is this it?

The unicorn folded her legs beneath her and she laid down, resting her cheek on a smooth stone and looking back at the forest spring. Alone.

Posted by: CALLIOPE NEVARENE Jan 12 2015, 09:02 PM

As much as she yearned for the warmth and light of a fire, Calliope never dared to try to start one. To begin, she didn't even know how to start a fire in the first place, so it would be hopeless either way. At the same time, however, she did not know who might catch of glimpse of any spark she might manage to scrape up and have catch.

She sat in the tree hollow with her arms wrapped around her legs, knees pressed close to her chest. Her crystalline blue eyes looked up through the branches and leaves to the night sky. It was still inky black with little shining specks that one might call stars. A wisp of cloud drifted across and she closed her eyes to the darkness afforded to her. Calliope opened her eyes again and found a tear welling up in one. Angrily she wiped it away.

"What's the use in crying?" Calliope asked herself in a breathy whisper. There was no one who could calm and soother her, none who might dry her tears or help her get through this trial. She was on her own. She was rather helpless and entirely incapable and there was no point in crying over it. At least as a unicorn she managed to get by better. Calliope was becoming more and more bitter with each passing night and day cycle of her cursed life. She muttered sullenly, "Does it even matter who won?"

In another couple of hours or so, it would be dawn. The moment the golden rays of sunlight touched the horizon, she'd be a unicorn again. It would do her well to sleep a little if she dared to. Calliope leaned her head against the dense wood of the tree and stared into the night, listening to the chirps and skitterings of bugs and creatures that she could not see and equally had no desire to. This was going to be her life now, wasn't it? A forest waif in the night, a disheveled unicorn in the day. Tiredly she finger combed her hair, trying to neaten it a little and then began to braid it here, another braid there, before her fingers stilled and her hand dropped.

Sleep. It was not the blessing she wished it could be. The dreams she had were almost as painful as the reality she lived in.

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