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Posted by: Felix Gatling Apr 5 2015, 10:20 PM
James Deen
Felix Gatling had what he considered to be an utterly typical start in life. He was born in the south part of the Kingdom to a woman - barely a woman - too young to be a mother at a mere 14 years. Because she still lived with her own mother and father, it was easier for young Eliza Gatling to say that Felix was her younger brother. Felix was not let in on the family secret and grew up believing his grandmother was his own mother, and his mother, his sister. Despite this one irregularity, he was raised in a close-knit, loving home. The Gatling women (for his grandmother had chosen not to take her husband's name, Bumpuss, for several reasons not here cited) were descended from a generations-long line of hedgewitches, midwives, and healers. Lacking other living relatives or a female descendant in the house, Felix was Eliza's student from the age of seven. He took to it slowly but with great enthusiasm. He began tagging along early on with his grandfather, who was a fisherman, as well, but he didn't take to being a fisherman nearly as keenly as he did to the quiet nature magic practiced by the Gatling "hedges", as they were called in southern peasant vernacular. There was great trepidation over raising him to be a midwife, precisely, but he learned at least enough about healing to respectably carry on the Gatling name, which was all either Eliza or her mother wanted.

He proved to be an essentially compassionate but irrepressibly rambunctious little boy. He was nearly impossible to pin down for even a moment, which contributed to his being a slow learner even though he was obviously bright. He made friends with everyone without discrimination, and he was a difficult person to resist. If he wanted a person to like him, chances were, they would. He was brimful of charm but never seemed smarmy or insincere. His grandmother called it charisma, but his mother thought he was just a nice sort of boy.

He found out only after the death of his grandfather - whom, of course, he believed to be his proper father - the somewhat tangled situation of his parentage. His father, it was revealed, was a traveling nobleman who had taken a shine to young Eliza, who had been waiting tables in a tavern at the time. Felix seemed to take the news well in stride, as he did all things, but something about it seemed to trouble him, though he was never clear what; he never even admitted it. Still, that he left home only six months after, at the age of 21, may not have been entirely accidental.

He made for Mormont, as any young man without much of a plan in store to seek his fortune might. However, when he got there, he found it more vastly different than the small fishing town he'd grown up in than he had ever imagined. It was large, with so many people, and he didn't know a single one of them by face or name. He had no money and the small magic skills he had weren't enough to make a living. Few people trusted a male hedgewitch, whose magic was normally considered reserved for women. He took to living on what little money he could earn and off the kindness of strangers, especially strangers who liked the looks of his pretty blue eyes. Women with extra money in their pockets found themselves especially susceptible. With a greater pool of available women than he had ever found in his seaside village, Felix found he had a bit of a knack for being a lady's man, and he used it to his advantage when he could.

It took a couple years of living hand-to-mouth before Felix turned his magically aided gift for sleight of hand to pickpocketing. It turned out to be absurdly simple. He got bolder and better, and consequently, a bit cocky. When lifting the purse of one man, he was caught. It was luck and luck alone that the man in question was Aegon Ramsey, the head of a small ring of similarly-minded thieves, pickpockets, and grifters. Aegon saw the potential in the brash young man quickly, and besides being a talented pickpocket, it took only a little instruction and encouragement from the remainder of the Pack before he was a successful grifter himself. His ingrained ability to charm people and put them at ease made him a natural. He threw himself into the support of the Pack, and he took to them as family. Always fond of children (perhaps because he empathized with their inability to sit still), he was often found surrounded by them late at night, hiding under blankets as though nobody could see, and telling them old fisherman's tales of mermaids and sirens and sea beasts.

When the curse struck and Felix found himself incapable of lying, he almost despaired for the first time in his life. He made his living as a dishonest man; surely this would hinder him. However, he forced himself to learn to work around it. There were early slips and close calls, but he began teaching himself the verbal gymnastics required to con someone while never once telling a lie. He remained a supporting member for the Pack, both the overzealous bane of Aegon and one of Aegon's greatest admirers. He still watched over the youngest of the Pack's children, often relieved to be in company that he could speak to plainly without having to dance around his words. It seemed only appropriate in the end, he thought, that he had been raised in a lie, only to find himself unable to tell one himself.

Curse: Unable to lie

Previous Character: Marten Rhodes

Posted by: Emma Apr 7 2015, 11:31 AM


Welcome to the Midnight Kingdom! We are super glad to have this fantastic character here! Now that you are all official with this character, it's time to share with the world who they are, what they are doing, and what exciting plots you have going.

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