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Ellen Thack Posted on Apr 3 2015, 03:52 PM
Ellen raised an eyebrow, then shrugged and nodded. Sed as he was in the evening seemed like overkill for most anything smaller than a bear, but if he wanted to to play the part of overgrown cat for the evening then she wasn't going to stop him. Rats were trouble as it was, and she didn't want them nesting in her walls anymore than he did (Though she didn't much like her son going out after dark- Oh she was mostly certain that he could take care of himself, and the neighbors by now were at least vaguely aware of the Thack situation, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to worry about a passing stranger with a crossbow. If he was staying near the farm, he'd be fine.).

After a few minutes, she pulled the eggs and bread from the oven, dropping two of the slices on a plate in front of Sedar. She kept one for herself, taking small bites as she sat down across from him, waiting patiently for him to finish the tea.

She flicked her slice a couple times with her middle finger, leaving a small spray of crumbs on the table. She'd be working on bread, was the general intention.
Sedar Thack Posted on Apr 2 2015, 02:39 PM
Sed glanced back when he heard his mother. “Please.”

Communication that didn’t entirely involve words was something of a specialty of his at this point.

He pulled the kettle off the fire, finding them cups to poor the tea into. “It must be too large for the cat,” he mused. “For him not to kill it. But I don’t want it to start a family here, as nice as starting a family on the Thack Farm as a rat must be.”

Sed spooned heaping helpings of honey into the cups from a jar and stirred them.

“I’ll have to sit out and wait for it in the evening time.”
Ellen Thack Posted on Apr 1 2015, 02:59 PM
As Sed set to his morning routine, Ellen set to hers. Part of that involved drawing a mental list of things that needed getting- once things had been taken care of here, she might as well make the trudge to market while the weather was decent. Or make the rounds and swap with the neighbors. She hadn’t gotten quite that far in her plans yet. Mostly they needed flour. And they were running dangerously low on salt. But they still had an absurd amount of pickles and preserves from last summer, and that would make for decent trade. She set out a few jars to remind herself.

They still had half a loaf of bread, which she cut three thick slices out of and set aside. When Sedar returned with the eggs, she cracked one over a slice, then slid it into the oven. She wasn’t going to spend the whole morning preparing dinner when there were other things to be done. Time to get back into the routine of light, early meals.

“Hm?” She responded (Though really, it came out more as a grunting HRN that made her nose tingle.) and she held up an egg toward him in inquiry.
Sedar Thack Posted on Mar 30 2015, 03:49 PM
“Morning,” he said, as his mother ruffled his hair. He didn’t look away from the fire as he stocked it with bits of kindling, tipping the kettle toward himself to check how full it was of water. He only glanced back when he heard the door open, sighing heavily before he straightened up.

Sed tramped toward the door, glancing at his mother’s retreating back before he took the egg basket on the door and shuffled outside.

The tiny basket in the hands of a giant man looked very silly but he made his quick morning round just all the same. He gathered clean brown eggs from the coop, tossed the chickens morning corn, fed Naynay a scoop of oats, and tossed the milking cow hay before he circled back to the house. Before he went in he stopped, stooping down to check a spot where something and clearly burrowed itself a home under the foundation of the house. He scowled, picking at the bits of cracked corn that surrounded the entrance before he went ahead and stepped inside.

Sed and his little basket made its way to the kitchen table where he set it down before moving to shave tea into the boiling kettle. A cup in the morning and a cup at night along with their bee’s honey did both himself and his mother's throat good.

“I’m going to kill that rat,” he said, suddenly.
Ellen Thack Posted on Mar 29 2015, 06:05 PM
Ellen had always been a light sleeper, and even before her son turned into a rather unfortunate time clock, she'd been an early riser. But, Sedar's silence hadn't gone entirely to waste, and she rose a half hour after sunrise.

Getting up was always slow, and getting slower by the year. She rolled her shoulders and sighed as she went about the beginning of her morning routine, which started with a stretch to limber up her old limbs, and ended with her pulling her thinning hair into a bun.

She didn't say a word to him as she left her room, instead pausing to affectionately scratch his hair before shuffling over to the door and glancing outside. She was met with crisp air and bright, clear skies. She nodded to herself. It'd be a good day for errands, and it was nice for things to be warming up again- it was almost a good thing there was so little for her to do in the winter. The cold always did make her feel even older than she already was.

She didn't stay in the doorway long. No reason to heat the outdoors. Closing it behind her, she shuffled off to the cupboards.
Sedar Thack Posted on Mar 28 2015, 06:43 PM
Sed’s huge, furry body rose up and down as he snored.

There was nothing like seeing a giant monster sleeping peacefully in a root cellar, surrounded by burlap sacks of potatoes and drying herbs. You expected to see horned monsters guarding the entrances to the towers of evil sorcerers or wandering the woods and stealing livestock. They weren’t supposed to be curled up on old animal skins and moth eaten quilts in the basement, sleeping as peacefully as an elderly hunting dog. But monsters in cellars was now an every evening occurrence on the Thack farm, and had been now for five long years. He just didn’t fit in his room to sleep there in the evening any more and Sedar just couldn’t stand the embarrassment of having to sleep in a barn like an animal.

The farm's rooster crowed but that wasn’t what woke Sedar.

As soon as the first rays of sunlight peaked over the horizon, Sedar’s body began to change. The monster’s eyes snapped open, his paw-like hands scrabbling at his makeshift bed as the change overcame him. It was not a smooth transformation, it wasn’t pretty or elegant in the slightest. It was awkward and painful, humiliatingly uncontrollable. First Sedar shrank, bones crunching and driving into one another like they were being pounded on either side with hammers. Ligaments and muscles tightened as his fur slurped back into his body with uncomfortable prickles. As painful as it all was, he refused to open his mouth to cry out. Even as the curling horns slithered back into his skull and he was filled with the desire to bellow his agony, he did no such thing. Instead, he attempted to stay as quiet as possible. He did not want to wake his elderly, sleeping mother. Years of practice made this easier than it should have been. He rolled over onto his back as his skull popped, the sensation of the bones grinding and sliding over one another making his eyes water. As his teeth blunted and slid together, forming distinctly more human dentition, Sedar tried to tell himself that it would all be over very soon.

And it was. It only took a few minutes for the shift back into a man to complete and when it was over he was left panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. He closed his eyes, waiting for the final twinges of pain to subside as his body made small adjustments. He breathed the dusty, earthy smelling air deeply before finally making to stand. Reaching into an old burlap sack he pulled out his clothes, pulling a shirt over his head with arms that were still sore and lacing up his pants.

Examining his reflection in a shined, circular bit of copper on the wall he scratched at his beard, decided today he wasn’t going to bother to shave either, and washed his face with the cold water from the basin on a overturned crate.

Sedar trudged up the stairs with heavy steps, pushing open the door of the cellar with one hand and stepping out onto the uneven wooden floor of his home. He stared around blearily, dragging a hand down his face as he attempted to rub away the sleep. The floor creaked loudly under his weight and he winced, shuffling in attempt to be more quiet before just giving up and taking loud clunking steps toward the fire place. Even when he wasn't a giant monster Sedar was a giant man and quiet and sneaky just wasn't in his vocabulary.

Dropping to one knee he began to stoke the embers beneath the heavy iron kettle back to life.

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