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 Posted: Mar 24 2015, 02:43 PM
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"We have lingered in the chambers of the sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”

Seven Houses rule the Midnight Kingdom, and Seven Houses are constantly vying for power. In the end, there can be only one family ruling this massive island. Each House is different in its own regard and brings its own specialty. Sometimes the kingdom prospers from trades of war machines and weapons, other times they prosper in agriculture. The Houses are constantly changing power and hands, though it usually takes an act of war or intrigue to do so.

House of Reeds

Designed for water and everything on it, the House of Reeds knows how to make a ship. They live mostly in South Side as they discover new and better ways to travel through it. Some say that there is a mermaid long ago in their bloodlines, though everyone knows that mermaids don’t really exist. The one truth is that the House of Reeds has a leg above everyone for one particular reason.

Every daughter of the House of Reeds is trained to be a seer. They can Scry in the waters for the future and frequently find some interesting facts about the other Houses. Of course, magic that strong always comes with a severe price.

House of Onyx

The House of Onyx is known for war. They train all of their members quite well so that they are capable of fighting to their best. Those that do not necessarily like the idea of warfare end up making weapons. These are the people to speak to if you need any kind of sword. Their wares go for extremely high prices because it is said that they enchant their pieces so that the weapons never miss.

That in particular would be an intriguing little trick of theirs, but in general they are incredibly good at what they do.

House of Aeyr

Sometimes considered to be the House whose members are “up in the clouds”, this is arguably the most religious House. They worship a Goddess who values all things good and light. This is why they refuse to do any magic of any kind. Many of them are absolutely frightened of anything having to do with magic, which is precisely why being cursed is the worst sort of end for them.

There is no better house that can heal those. These people have been said to go into long trance like states next to bodies of injured or dying. The monks who leave the House later share the wounds or illness with the dying, and likely both will survive.

House of Elm

A strong House, stronger perhaps than the others, the House of Elm is known for being sure footed and quick witted. They might not be the smartest in the land, but they are very good at what they do. These people are known for being the sole providers of crops. They are mostly gifted with a green thumb, and those that are not as good at planting are very good at sowing, gathering, or even selling their wares.

The House of Elm got to this place because no one could ever beat the taste or look of their crops. Others aren’t sure how they do it, but in reality they are incredibly good at white magic. Those that are their magic users can definitely be seen by the green tattoos that they use as their price.

House of Wormwood

Known for its secrets, this family knows everyone, everything, and every deed that is done in the Midnight Kingdom. To this day no one understands how they manage to know every little detail about others. Their secret is in the Ravens. Around the Midnight Kingdom no one ever questions the birds that always seem to be around. But the House knows how to speak to these ravens.

Black Magic is something that is regularly practiced in the House of Wormwood. They are incredibly good at it, though many bare the mark of a life long touched by darkness. Many are affiliated with the Coven.

House of Thorn

Every now and then there are people who are born with a gift. That is the House of Thorn. Renowned throughout the Midnight Kingdom, and even still on the Mainland, the House of Thorn is known for its gift with animals. A soft touch and a gentle hand will always tame the wildest beast. These people breed the best horses, they have the best cattle, and they create the sweetest meat that anyone could buy.

Unlike many of the other Houses, the House of Thorn has no opinion on magic whatsoever. They don’t mind people that use it, nor do they fear those that do. Instead, it’s simply something that they don’t think about.

House of Rhodes

Every land needs historians, and that is what the House of Rhodes does. As they are born into this House, the children are immediately placed under a spell. Every single member of this House holds within them a bit of the history of this world. Everything that has ever been written, spoken, heard, or thought, has been funneled into the minds of these very important people.

This spell was first created to make certain that the Midnight Kingdom would be able to write down everything that happened. When this family ruled, they were very paranoid that someone was going to overthrow them. Instead, they hold the entire story of everyone that has ever stepped foot inside the Midnight Kingdom. All of these are attempted to be written down, though, as you can imagine, it is nearly an impossible feat.

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