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 Sedar Thack, 45 | Clive Standen | Citizen
Sedar Thack
 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 11:29 AM
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Positively beastly.

Sedar Thack
clive standen
Son of Agnar and Ellen Thack, Sedar is a quiet man and a hard worker, just like any good Thack. Sedar’s father, a woodsman and farmer, taught him to hunt from an early age. His mother, a woman concerned more with bees and plants than tracking wild game, taught him how to tend to crops. The family kept to themselves and lived quietly off the land for some time.

Sedar’s father passed away when he was only seven years old from illness. The loss at the time was devastating, but his mother knew how to push them by. She was a strong woman and because of her Sedar became a strong man. He quickly filled the shoes of the man of the house (in more ways than one as Sedar is quite massive), working endlessly to keep his mother and himself comfortable. Sedar is a loner, making few friends and concentrating his efforts on creating a steady supply of income for himself and his mother. He hunts game, fishes, plows the fields, tends the animals, and cuts down trees for firewood and lumber and does whatever else his mother tells him needs to be done. Along with this Sedar has gained a reputation as something of the neighborhood exterminator, and has been known to track down and seek out problem animals such as wolves and bears.

An introvert at heart, Sedar speaks very little and speaks his mind even less. When he does speak, he's to the point and direct. Very little does he ever concern himself with things that he considers "frivolous" in conversation. People are not something Sedar is good at handling.

It's hard to really know what's going on inside Sedar’s head as his thoughts rarely appear in his expression. This coupled with the fact that he rarely speaks his mind in the first place means that it takes a lot of careful observation to know what he's thinking. It’s probably best to just talk to his mother instead.

Sedar is quiet but he is the type of person that can say far more with action. A strong sense of right and wrong was placed into him at a young age. He's not the sort to turn down someone in need, friend or not, and is known to be a little of the side of selfless. He knows there are people and needs well above his own. Sedar is much more comfortable alone in the woods than anywhere else. He has an understanding of the simple beauty of things, and thoroughly enjoys woodcarving. A respect for the wilderness is an important part of him, as was placed into him by him father. His upbringing and constant exposure to the hard rules of mother nature are probably reason for much of his outlook on life. There's a food chain, a predator and prey relationship. You're either predator or prey, and sometimes you get to eat and sometimes you get to live. There's little use fighting this cycle, and it's better to just accept it and try to be smarter and better at hiding than whatever is hunting you.

Under his generally calm and accepting demeanor, there is a twinge of a temper. It's not an explosive anger, but a much more brooding and slowly simmering sort of fury. Though well controlled, there is no doubt that Sedar has anger issues. They are well hidden, hard to read, but they are present. Under the right circumstances the man has the potential to explode into an unpredictable fury. Of course, the fact he's literally capable of transforming into a massive monster now hasn’t helped matters.

Experiencing his curse for the first time was a painful and terrifying. Stumbling into the streets as a giant, confused monster is never the best idea. There was a lot of screaming people and general disorientation. Sedar is now much more accustomed to the cycle of man and monster, but the transformations are still unwelcome and hated. Sedar seems rather resigned to his fate, but there's definitely quite a bit of bitterness boiling just beneath the surface.

His mother’s curse was something of an extreme shock and an annoyance at first but now Sedar hardly seems troubled by her screeching at him all the time. Five years of it has meant he hardly remembers things being any other way. If anything, he does his best to care for her constantly sore throat with home brewed tea and lots of honey. He is very well practiced at speaking for her so she doesn’t have to make a scene in public, and does his best at coping with his own curse as well as hers in the best way possible.

Sed longs for the days when he wasn’t plagued with nightly transformations and an accidental banshee of a mother so they can go back to their quiet lifestyle. He harbors a pretty strong resentment for black magic, but has accepted his mother bringing lighter types of spells into his life willingly. Anything to make life easier in these tougher times.

Sedar is dark haired, broad shouldered, and overall scruffy and hairy. He stands at 6 foot 2 inches and has a beard and long dark hair.

Curse: When the sun sets, Sed turns into a massive, hulking, hairy monster. The transformations are painful, humiliating, and completely uncontrollable. As a beast, he's entirely incapable of speech and only capable of grunts, growls, and snarls. Though he keeps his humanity in his monster form, Sed seems to be considerably more cranky and irritable in this form (and maybe for good reason, no one likes not being able to fit through doors). At sunrise, he turns back into a man in a similarly painful and upsetting fashion.

 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 09:04 PM
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"We have lingered in the chambers of the sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”


Welcome to the Midnight Kingdom! We are super glad to have this fantastic character here! Now that you are all official with this character, it's time to share with the world who they are, what they are doing, and what exciting plots you have going.

Below are some links and the claims to help you out with all of that! Please note that your claims are only official once you post in them! Happy gaming!

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