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 Quotes of the Month, June/July Voting!
Which quote do you think should be one of the three to win Quotes of the Month for June and July?
(1) by Merricat Thorne [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
(2) by Serena Ferrer [ 1 ]  [25.00%]
(3) by Cicero Arilai [ 1 ]  [25.00%]
(4) by Marten Loupange [ 1 ]  [25.00%]
(5) by Caliban Edwards [ 1 ]  [25.00%]
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 Posted on Jul 29 2014, 09:39 AM
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March Voting

Voting will stay open until Thursday, April 1st at 9:59pm EST

Please only one vote per player


(1) by Merricat Thorne
    Quote: "Long time, no see, Kittycat,"
    Player: Neph
    Nomination: SHIVERS. In the context of this thread, holllly shit. It's his doppleganger coming back to mess with his life, and wow that was just the most PERFECT thing to say ever.

(2) by Serena Ferrer
    Quote: "There was quite a lot of blood! She'd done that! A girl couldn't help but be impressed."
    Player: Esther
    Nomination: HA! Just HA! Seriously, this is how I would react if I just stabbed someone. Holy shit I did that. SOMEBODY COME HERE AND LOOK.

(3) by Cicero Ariali
    Quote: "The Coven shows signs of activity. The Angelics are reforming, but they are not yet the force they used to be. There is work to be done, information to be gathered, and my engagement to the Avignon girl is in jeopardy."
    Player: Lore
    Nomination: Cause this is just genius. That's why. FUCK OFF DEL I CAN WRITE AS MUCH AS I WANT FOR AN EXPLANATION.

(4) by Marten Loupange
    Quote: "I'm... Fuck."
    Player: Neph
    Nomination: It's simple. It's classic. It has all the emotion! Dude clearly has problems and you know it right here with how that phrase is delivered at that point in the thread.

(5) by Caliban Edwards
    Quote: "With a sigh, he paused for a moment more once again, looking at the man as he dug his grave. He talked. A lot. He reminded Caliban of a magpie he had seen once. The bird had never stopped making noise, not once, until the farmer managed to kill it with a well placed blow. There was a part of his mind that paused for a moment, thinking that it could potentially be the right thing to do in this situation."
    Player: Emma
    Nomination: I damn near died when I read this - It is just so freaking funny. Caliban's internal dialogue sounds like he's recalling a book of etiquette, as if there's a chapter on quieting an unwelcome guest that he can refer to... Also, who hasn't felt this way? Like you just wanted to make someone shut up no matter the cost. The character that Caliban is referring to is currently being excessively friendly in the middle of a graveyard after dark and Caliban is being exceptionally polite given the circumstance. So, it's funny, it's relatable, and it shows you that Caliban is a very dynamic character.

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