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 Tangled, Noble | 18 | Mackenzie Mauzy
 Posted: Sep 3 2014, 04:18 PM
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So this is the lovely Cecilia Penrose, the pampered daughter of a rich and powerful Duke who refused to let her leave his estate after the curse hit for her own safety. From the age of thirteen to the age of eighteen, she grew up lonely and alone, with only her parents for company. Finally, she decided to run away and has been living on her own for about a week.

As she had servants to care for her every need, she doesn't know how to do anything for herself and finds her new life frustrating and challenging. Cecilia knows her father is searching for her and when she goes out, she winds her long braid around herself beneath her clothing so that she will look plump, and hides her face behind a hood.

Her long hair is her curse. It constantly grows and she has to cut it several times a day, selling the discarded golden curls to a local wigmaker for extra money. Cecilia is a gifted singer and plays the violin and piano beautifully. In the evenings, she often sits at a window in her apartment to play and sing, her poignant, haunting music carrying down to the street below.

Cecilia is sweet, vivacious, and intelligent, and she makes friends quite easily. She sometimes comes off as a bit stuck up at first, as she still retains the sophistication of her noble upbringing. She would love to have friends to spend time with, and perhaps one or two who can help her learn how to live on her own. Poor girl can't even boil water, nor does she know how to sweep a floor or make a bed.
I can't see her having many of these, but she does speak her mind, so she might anger a few people from time to time. Those who aren't fond of nobles probably won't like her either. And if her identity is discovered, there might be a few unsavory types who would kidnap her and hold her for ransom, for her father is very wealthy.
Innocent and naïve, Cecilia finds the opposite sex fascinating but doesn't really know how to act around them. Her body is beginning to awaken in a sensual way and she is just learning how to flirt. Cecilia would love some romance in her life..
cecilia ariana penrose


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